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Hi and Welcome to my Blog,

my name is Said and i'm 17 years old.
I was born in Germany and I'm living here, but I am Moroccan and very proud of it!
My hobbies are football, basketball, swimming, hanging out with friends, and of course YuGiOh!
I'm playing now more then 3 years YuGiOh! Online and I'm still Lv. 26.
I made this Blog to express myself a little more and for people to get to know me a bit better.
My personality is mostly cool and relaxed.
I am the Clan-Leader of [TI] - Team Illuminati and also very proud of it.
I'm just a normal Guy with an ambition to qualify for YOC one day and to win it!
But I play YOC very seldom, because my computer is very lame and so I can't qualify for it, that's sucks a lot, really.
Well I'm sure, if I get a better computer and more time, I can reach my purpose!
So well, I wish you now a lot of fun on my blog and ya...see you.

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Said14 [Lv26]

[TI] - Team Illuminati

My Game History:

15 Stars

30 Stars

360 Stars

1x Top 4

Fan Forum:

Season 1:
2.FD - Champion
OFLC - Top 8
MC: Top 8

Season 2:
1.FD - Champion
OFLC - Champion
TB: Top 4
MC: Top 16

Season 3:
Not Finish...

2. Place


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